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Jerrica Alyssa


Wednesdays at

1PM EST on Youtube & TikTok 

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Subject to change during livestream


  1.  Love Story- Taylor Swift

  2.  Sad Song Challenge: Talking To The Moon, In The Stars, Arcade

  3. 3D- Jungkook

  4. It’s Kinda Mad- Jerrica Alyssa

  5. Spooky Challenge: Unholy, Bloody Mary & Thriller

  6. Vampire- Olivia Rodrigo

  7.  You & Me- Jennie

  8. Snowman- Sia 

  9. Cupid- 5050

  10. Golden Hour JVKE

  11. Barbie Challenge (Dance the Night, Barbie World, Barbie Girl)

  12. You Belong With Me- Taylor Swift

  13. Isn’t Hard For You- Jerrica Alyssa


Livestream Playlist

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